January 2021

Greetings Rainbow Divers and Friends!

It has been an unprecedented last few months, and undoubtedly more difficult for some than others. One of the themes of the Covid era is that for some it has been a bump in the road, while for others, devastating. If you can work remotely you've probably done better than most. If you are a small business owner not so much. One theme that comes up again and again is the challenges to family life. A lot of families have had financial challenges. More still have faced emotional challenges as a result of trying to make ends meet, while being confined together 24/7 for days, weeks and months on end. Counseling services, already stretched financially, have seen more than their share of challenges. 

Our benefactors from money raised annually at the Diving For Life Scuba Jamboree are all in the counseling and support space. Just a couple months ago we facilitated the distribution of $8k ea to 3 deserving organizations, Adolescent Counseling Services on the peninsula, Queer Life Space in the City and Positive Images in Marin. This money came from Northern California's share of DFL 2019 proceeds of around $87k. DFL has raised and distributed over $1.5M over 28 years of organizing these annual events, with over $200k going to Northern California benefactors. For the first time ever, DFL's annual event was postponed, from Oct 2020 to Oct 2021. This creates a funding hole for organizations that have benefitted from DFL donations for many years. Money raised at the 2020 event would have been distributed in late 2021, meaning that our charity contributions from DFL 2021 will not happen until later in 2022.

So let's do something for 2021. Please use the form below to donate to one or all of our recent recipients. The club generally adds $500 or $1000 to the funds raised by participants at the annual event. To get as much funds to the Northern California recipients this year, the club will donate directly $1000 for 2020 and $1000 for 2021. So consider that a $2000 match to your contributions. To further incentivise you, we'll give everyone who contributes $50 or more a chance to win a drawing for a $500 future trip credit. But wait there's more! Our friend Greg at Undersea Expeditions is also donating a $500 future trip credit. So we'll have 2 lucky winners. Not interested in dive travel other than the annual DFL? Easy, just donate it back and we'll draw the next winner.

We also have a nice gift for the first 50 $50 contributors. Someone created, produced, and donated a Rainbow Divers flag on embroidered fabric. You could attach this to your BCD or dive bag and travel in style. 


So let's get with it! Start clicking below and let's see how much we can raise for our worthy causes. We'll keep this fundraiser open until the end of March, so do it while it's on your mind. 

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About Queer Life Space

About Positive Images 

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