NCRD Dives - June 11 and 12, 2011

12 Jun 2011 9:04 PM | Anonymous
Great diving this weekend with Rainbow Divers. 

Saturday, Ralph, Larry, Ed, Tim, Regina and Lauren boarded the Beachhopper at K-dock and headed out with rough seas. We stayed in the bay since going around the point was out of question. Could not even make it to Ballbuster! We had reports of bad conditions from Friday so we had low expectations. First dive was at Hopkins Deep. The dive was great with 15-20ft visibility at depth. My buddy Tim found two mating octopus and we watched them change color and texture....very nice! There were many clown nudibranchs (Triopha catalinae), some of them were huge. After dropping Lauren and Regina back at the dock because their suits flooded, we headed back out and did our second dive at Eric's Pinnacle. It was again a great dive with slight current and 15-20ft visibility. We found a juvenile prickleback eel out in the open and again in a hole at the end of the dive. 

Sunday was Point Lobos with Larry, Ralph, Cari, Tim and two new club members, Christi and Cathy. Lobos was totally flat and Tim, Cari and I headed out toward the mouth of the cove. We went down and headed towards bird rock. While a little murky at first, it cleared up at around 30fsw and we were greeted by 45-50ft visibility.  Diving the kelp forest with this kind of visibility is fantastic and otherworldly. We could see the kelp canopy above us and the blue light coming from the sand channel provided an amazingly beautiful backdrop. There were lots of nudibranchs and very large rockfish, thanks to the fishing restrictions in the reserve. After the surface interval, we went out again as a group of five (Larry, Tim, Cari, Christi and I). How often can you dive our local waters in a group of five without losing anyone? On that dive, Larry found a huge wolf eel. It was the first time that I had seen one in the wild and I am very grateful to Larry for signaling me to come over and check it out. In the sand shallows, Larry also found a very well camouflaged torpedo ray.

All in all, this was a great weekend of diving. Join us for our next local dives in July. We will do 3 dives on the Silver Prince on Saturday and Point Lobos on Sunday. Should be fun!

A very happy diver.

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