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 Jan 2015 
Your new board met this week and volunteered for roles to play this year. We are happy to introduce the leadership team:
  • Kathi Doster, President
  • Tommy Todd, Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Linda Pinfold, Local Diving Chair
  • Dennis Nix, Membership and Outreach
  • Lee Pickett, Board Member at Large/ Oversight
  • Val Jones, Board Member at Large/ Oversight
  • Ralph Wolf, Board Member at Large/ Oversight
Linda is already busy plotting Monterey events and thinking about details for Channel Islands in September. Dennis has signed us up for the annual AtmosQueer event at the community center and is thinking about Castro Street Fair. Kathi has graciously offered her home again for summer and winter socials. Ralph is working out plans for a gear check and gear swap event for local divers. And all of us are actively looking for ideas on where to go next for our away trips. Please provide input and feedback to your board via email at ncrd-board@Googlegroups.com and at our Facebook Group page.

Monterey and Carmel
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Channel Islands
Stay tuned for an announcement sometime soon. We'll be chartering the Vision again, for a fun and exciting trip to familiar SoCal waters. 

 2016 Aug 13-23   Solomon Islands Melanesia
 2016 May 14-28   Visayas Philippines
 2015 Nov 18-28   Raja Ampat
 2015 Nov 16-28   Raja Ampat Indonesia
 2015 Nov 9-16   Ambon Indonesia
 2015 Sep 26-Oct 3   DFL Costa Rica Central America
 2015 May 23-30   Bonaire Caribbean
 2015 Feb 22-Mar 1   Cozumel

Please take a moment to update your preferences and contact info in your member profile. The more emergency contact info you provide the more helpful a fellow diver can be in a time of need. 

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Upcoming Events

07 Feb 2015 9:00 AM • Monterey, California
08 Feb 2015 8:00 AM • Beachhopper II (http://www.beachhopper2.com/)

Upcoming Exotic/Tropical Trips

22 Feb 2015 • Cozumel, QR Mexico
23 May 2015 • Bonaire, Caribbean • SOLD OUT • Waitlist Available
09 Nov 2015 • Ambon, Indonesia
16 Nov 2015 • Raja Ampat, Sorong, Papua Indonesia • SOLD OUT • Waitlist Available
18 Nov 2015 • Raja Ampat, Sorong, Papua Indonesia • SOLD OUT • Waitlist Available
14 May 2016 • Visayas, Philippines • SOLD OUT • Waitlist Available
13 Aug 2016 • Solomon Islands • SOLD OUT • Waitlist Available
13 Aug 2016 • Solomon Islands

Upcoming Local Trips

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