Invasive Asian Kelp (Undaria) Removal Weekend

  • 16 Oct 2010
  • 17 Oct 2010
  • San Francisco


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Invasive Asian Kelp (Undaria) Removal Weekend


This is not a club-sponsored event


South Beach Marina Event


When: Saturday October 16th; 9 am – 1 pm

Where: South Beach Marina, San Francisco (map). We will gather on in the parking lot just to the right of the harbor master building. At the gate, please push the button once and identify yourself as a Volunteer for the Undaria Removal team.


This marina still has a large population of Undaria. We are concerned about the spread of Undaria from this marina to other sites since there are boaters that frequently visit the Visitors Dock. The Visitors Dock is heavily infested with Undaria and this frequent boat traffic can facilitate the spread of the invasive kelp.  Please come out and help us stop the spread of Undaria! At the last South Beach removal we had no volunteers and we weren't able to remove Undaria from the whole marina.  We could really use your help!


San Francisco Marina (East Basin) Event


When: Sunday October 17th; 9 am – 1pm

Where: East Basin of the San Francisco Marina,East Bassin, Gate 14, San Francisco (map). Please meet in front of Gate 14


We have been finding very low numbers of Undaria at this marina thanks to your help. Our goal at this time is to remove the Undaria that grows from microscopic spores in the water column before it becomes reproductive and releases more spores. If we leave behind just one Undaria, it can re-populate the harbor quickly. This is a critical time in the eradication of this invasive species.


The removal events give us a chance to remove the reproductive Asian Kelp and their young individuals before they re-populate the harbor. New participants are encouraged to come. 


Equipment to Bring: Layered clothing, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, plenty of water and snacks.


Confirm Participation: email marineinvaders@gmail.com or call (650) 380-5000


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